Urine and Stool Samples

If the doctor has requested that you bring in a urine specimen or stool sample for testing, please follow these simple guidelines

  • We can only accept samples which are in appropriate sample containers, as using jars or containers from the home could contaminate your sample.  You can collect urine and stool sample bottles from reception.
  • Ensure your specimen is labelled with your name and date of birth.  Any sample not labelled will not be able to be identified by the nurse, and will be disposed of.
  • Drop your specimen/sample into reception before 3pm from Monday to Friday. – Anything brought to the desk after 3pm may be refused.
  • Urine results are usually available 3 working days after bringing in your sample
  • Stool samples have to be ‘cultured’ at the lab, and results take approximately two weeks
  • Please DO NOT post your samples into the postbox outside the building when we are closed.  These will not be processed.