Low Lipid Diet

Your guide to a heart healthy, low lipid diet.

What to avoid…Try to replace with…But try to choose…
The amount of fat in
your diet should be
Butter, lard, coconut oil,
hydrogenated fats, salad
cream, full fat mayonnaise,
soy sauce, salt, garlic salt,
Unsaturated oil spreads,
low calorie salad cream/
mayonnaise, low fat
crisps, reduced fat
Spreads with plant
monounsaturated oils, salad
dressings made from lemon,
vinegar, herbs etc.
All sugary things
should be eaten in
Chocolate, fudges, toffees,
chocolate biscuits,
shortbread, sweets, cakes.
Low fat ice cream, fruit based puddings, homemade cakes & puddings
made with lower fat
alternatives to butter.
Plain popcorn, unsalted nuts,
tea cakes, sugar free jelly,
sorbet, plain biscuits.
Important to
contribute to the
intake of calcium
Full fat milk evaporated or
condensed milk, thick and
creamy yoghurt, high fat
cheese e.g. mascarpone,
gouda, full fat spread.
Semi skimmed milk, half
fat Greek yoghurt, feta
cheese, edam, reduced fat
cheese spread.
Skimmed milk, cottage
cheese, fat free Greek, fruit
& natural yoghurt, fat free
cheese spread, soya milk.
Eat a variety of low
fat meat options 2-3
days per week for a
balanced diet
Fatty cuts of meat, belly
pork, frankfurters/fatty
sausages, salami, chorizo,
Reduced fat mince, low fat
sausages, meatballs, lamb.
Skinless chicken & turkey,
lean minced beef, turkey
mince, rabbit.
A vital source of
omega-3 fatty acids
Deep fried fish, fish in
creamy/cheesy sauces,
seafood cocktail.
Canned fish in oil, fish
fingers, fish cakes, lobster,
oysters, mussels.
White fish e.g. cod, haddock,
plaice, mackerel, tuna,
Can be a great source
of energy when eaten
in moderation
Excessive amounts of white
bread, salted crackers, fried
and salted potatoes, cereals
with high sugar content.
Seeded & mixed grain
bread, roasted potatoes,
reduced sugar content
Wholemeal bread, boiled,
baked & mashed potato,
porridge oats, shredded
wheat cereal, bran flakes.
A vital source of
vitamins and minerals
Canned fruit in syrup e.g.
tinned peaches.
Canned fruit in natural
All fresh or frozen fruit, dried
fruits e.g. oranges, bananas,
apples, frozen berries.
Important source of
minerals and fibre
Coleslaw, chips, roast
potatoes cooked in solid fats,
fried vegetables e.g. onion
Reduced fat coleslaw,
oven chips, potatoes
cooked in unsaturated fats.
All fresh or frozen vegetables
e.g. carrots, peas, broccoli,
beans, tinned vegetables in
water, vegetable-based