Consultation Days

Dr M Allan

  • Monday, Tues, Wednesday, Thursday

Dr D Kelly

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr S Leitch

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Dr F Hunt

  • Wednesday, Thursday

Dr C Korulla

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr H Afnan-Holmes

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dr M Parry

  • Friday

Consultation Times

The consultation sessions are 8.30am – 11am, and 2.30 – 5pm.

We also have GP Registrars available for appointments on various days, please check with reception.

Practice Nursing Team

We have four Practice Nurses, a (Nurse Associate) and a HCA (Health Care Assistant) who are available for appointments throughout the week.

Our Health Care Assistant does ALL our blood tests, but can do BPs and NHS Health Checks.

If you do need a blood test you can go to the hospital and you can get a blood form printed from reception.

The HCA CANNOT do blood tests for under 15yr olds. There is a drop in for ages 12-15 at the COCH.

The Practice Nurses DO NOT do blood tests.

The Practice Nurses do our COPD & Asthma chronic disease annual reviews. They also do our Shingles Vaccinations.

It helps our Practice Nurse to know a ‘brief reason’ for your appointment when booking this with the Receptionist so we can allocate you enough time for your procedure, i.e. blood test, smear, gynae exam, chronic disease check, dressing, minor op, injection, blood pressure.

These all have specific time slot and if we don’t allocate you enough time you may be asked to re-book.

We appreciate you help with this.